dsturbd is a little creative studio owned by Olivia de Quatrebarbes. It aims to bring the best in terms of visual communication to those who share the same values. Artistic, pragmatic, and considering elegance and simplicity as core values of an identity, dsturbd will always consider the human contact as the best way to build an impactful communication.

Our main areas of expertise are essentially graphic design, webdesign and photography. We love creating great visuals, and therefore expand our services to the creation of content for social media.

We basically always bring an artistic vision to your identity, regardless of the medium of communication.


It starts with an idea. Maybe you want to create a visual identity from scratch or give it a fresh touch, maybe you are just trying to express a creative idea. Whatever you are looking for, the way you tell your story online and/or offline makes all the difference. We are here to help you and bring you the best support you need to pursue your goals.

Graphic design


Visual identity




Social content