La Maison du Moulin / Winery

A Swiss wine estate producing natural wine in biodynamics, La Maison du Moulin is a true source of inspiration for lovers of terroir and authenticity.


Visual identity, webdesign,

social media, photography, print


La Maison
du Moulin

From the design of brochures, books, flyers, business cards, to the redesign of the visual identity by the logotype or the website.

The work brought to the communication of this Domain comes from a common passion for aesthetics, sobriety and humility, with of course a great touch of creativity.


Building the universe of a brand through its website requires first of all an understanding of its values and philosophy. Through a construction of pages managed like artistic canvases, the personality and intrinsic characteristics of the brand emerge.

Label design

Label design is a great part of working for a Winery that produces special wines. It allows to bring to life emotions contained in the wine.

Social media

Through social networks, the spirit of the Domain can be expressed simply. Whether it is in photo, video, illustration.